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Assembly & Installation

Furniture assembling and installation are always challenging work. But for professionals nothing is impossible. You might think of the purpose having furniture assembled and installed. I will give you several life situations that will explain why the moving services for furniture assembly and installation are essential.

Situation ¡í 1

Whether you buy furniture in a store in Montreal, you choose it from a catalog or order it online, you always see it assembled. Having bought the furniture and having waited for the moment when it is brought, the buyer often turns out to be one to one with a pile of packing boxes, which occupy a half of the apartment. Often, the services for assembling sets of furniture are offered by the producer or by the retailer itself, but this is not always the case, and it is not a secret that assembling in stores is often done by random people who are not experts in this field.

Situation ¡í 2

In case of moving to a new apartment, transporting furniture to a country house, giving away some furniture items to your friends or taking it from one room to another, you may need to disassemble furniture. Do not be surprised that neither the manufacturer nor the store will help you ¨C they are not interested because you do not buy anything from them. In such cases, a lot of people prefer to do everything on their own involving relatives or friends for help. But you cannot be completely sure that after assembling your furniture, you will see the same that was before the disassembly. And the not only overall view is important but also the right function of all movable pieces. Even a simple hinge, commonly using to hang doors, has three adjustments on all sides, requires certain skills from a person. Sometimes even well-trained manufacturer installers have difficulties with setting up drawers well.

Great things are always best done only by professional movers! This statement confirms not only abovementioned but all other life situations.

TRUSTMOVE provides furniture assembly and installation services in Montreal. Our relocation movers will help you assemble and install any type of furniture you need quickly and efficiently.






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