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When unnecessary things occupy too much space or you do not have the place to store your belongings during a renovation or a residential moving period and you have to do something to free your place, there is a very convenient and reliable way to place all stuff in a storage.

TRUSTMOVE provides storage solutions in Montreal for the safe and clean warehouse. Our storage facilities have everything to ensure efficient and secure storing: surveillance cameras, 24-hour security, and the fire safety system. All the storages are located in a closed area and are available to the customer at any time.

When do you need to keep your things in a store?

For companies:


Document preservation¡­

What shall you do when your archival depository is overfull or when the office is overwhelmed with documents? Just rent an individual place and get your entire archive there! If necessary, you can change a size of storage at any time you wish and pack your documents in boxes placing them on the racks, which you can also rent from us.


Does your office plan to move?

Are you moving? Do not know where to put things? TRUSTMOVE can solve this problem! Until you have not completed the relocation to a new office, bring office furniture and equipment to us. It is absolutely safe and secure! Storages of any size are at your disposal!


If the office is under renovations...

Are you planning renovations and do not know where to remove furniture and things? Bring everything to us! Store the furniture until the office renovations are over! This will keep things clean and tidy, while the renovations will go faster!


More space for the work in an office...

What shall you do if your office has become a sheer store? Bring all unnecessary furniture, office equipment, advertising materials and products to be stored and enjoy how your employees have more space for work. You can have your things back at any time you want!

For individuals:

More space

More space for life...

Nowhere to store belongings? Clear your house of unnecessary things! We offer you to take your furniture, summer or winter clothes to our storage. And what about the things that are always on the balcony?


During the moving time¡­

Are you moving? Do not know where to put things? Call TRUSTMOVE moving services! We offer you the safest and most convenient property storage. Just take a storage of the desired size for personal use and bring your stuff at a time which is convenient to you.


Or home improvements...

Planning a home renovation? Do not know where to remove furniture and other stuff? Bring everything to us! TRUSTMOVE storage service is easy, reliable, and beneficial. Take an individual storage to have a smooth home renovation.


What to do with children's things?

Has your baby grown, but are you wouldn¡¯t like to give his things away? Are your cabinets filled with children's clothes and toys? Contact us and we will help! We will provide you with packaging materials and boxes for a secure storage.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?






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